Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your bike running smoothly ride after ride. Explore the service packages below and stop in or call today to schedule your next tune-up!

Basic Tune-Up



Brake & shifting adjustments
Safety inspection & basic cleaning
True & tension wheels
Headset, bottom bracket, & hub adjustment
Chain, housing, & derailleur lubrication

Deluxe Tune-Up



Everything in a Basic Tune-Up, plus the following extras
Drivetrain disassembly, cleaning & lubrication
Frame, fork, & wheels cleaning
Includes installation labor for parts, not including suspension services

Complete Overhaul



Deluxe tune-up, PLUS
Remove most components for deep cleaning
True wheels & balance spoke tension
Headset, bottom bracket, & hub overhaul
Pedal & derailleur pulley overhaul


Here’s a simple truth: if you’re uncomfortable when you ride your bike, you won’t ride it as often. But a professional bike fit not only ensures your set up has you wanting to ride as much as possible—it’s also the easiest way to take your performance to the next level while mitigating the risk of overuse injuries.

Explore the options below and schedule a fit today!

Guru Bike Fitter

CHRIS BALSER • The Bicycle Fit Guru

"I have been fitting people professionally for 27 yrs. Experience is my greatest asset. Additional qualifications include extensive research and doctoral training in Biomechanics; Yoga Philosophy, Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy; Coaching; IBFI Level-4 Classification, multiple "Fit"-certifications (Wobblenaught, BG, SICI, Trek, BIKEFIT, etc.), Bike CAD, Body Mind Centering, and more."


Free with any new bike purchase ($45 value)
Proper seat adjustment, up/down and fore/aft
Stem height adjustment
Brake lever positioning and reach adjustment
Basic instruction on how to operate your new bicycle
Fit performed in shop followed by a test ride
This fit takes 15-20 minutes


Free with any bike purchase over $1500 ($75 value)
Recreational bike fit plus:
Body measurements taken using industry-standard “fit kit” system
Fit performed on our in-house fit station trainer
Flexibility + stem length and handlebar width assessment
Shoe cleats installed based on fit kit body measurements
This fit takes 50-60 minutes


$250 - $350

The Comprehensive Fitting is for cyclists interested in a transformational cycling experience. 

Guaranteed resolution of cycling-specific symptoms, consultation and install for basic component changes

Includes pre-evaluation, comprehensive fitting, follow-up appointment(s) and outcome data.

Positive Outcome Guarantee

(Book a Complex Fitting for Chronic Injuries and Symptoms that extend beyond Cycling)


$450 - $550

The complex fitting service is to address chronic injuries and complex musculoskeletal issues.

Includes collaboration with existing medical network and/or referral(s) to Minnesota's leading practitioners.

Please contact me directly to review your case before booking an appointment.

Positive Outcome Guarantee

(Requires compliance with interventions)