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for 6 Decades

About Us

Bicycle Service and Repair


24 hours. If it's broken, we will fix it. If it's slightly out of great, we will fix it. No matter what you have, we will fix it right and we will fix it quick. Call for an appointment today or simply roll your bike in and we'll get you back riding in no time.

Bike Rentals


Have company visiting? Friends want to shred the trails and you only have a road bike? Our rentals have you covered. Road bikes in Woodbury, city bikes in Minneapolis, and mountain bikes in Eagan. Whatever you need, we'll get you on it. 

Cycling Events


Riding bikes alone is awesome. Riding bikes with friends is awesomer. We've been supporting events across the state of Minnesota for six decades. If you're riding it, we want to be there. If we're there, we want you riding it.

Today’s employees.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

At Penn Cycle we pride ourselves on creating an inclusive environment not only for our customers, but for our employees.

We love what we do.

We love bikes.

We love our communities.

Everyday we work hard to do right by everyone we meet. Consider applying today. 

Dedicated to Community

Since 1957 Penn Cycle has been committed to putting people on bicycles. By working directly with people and organizations throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, as well as the entire state of Minnesota, Penn has consistently provided support or fully produced cycling related events for more than 60 years. From Buckhill to Almanzo to NICA to In-store events and all kinds of others throughout the state, we are there and we want you to be, too. 

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